Rules of Order

The following guidelines shall be observed by the public when attending a Select Board Meeting.


The Select Board is elected by the citizens of Albion to perform the people`s business. The Board recognizes the value of public comment on municipal issues. To permit fair and orderly expression of such comment, the procedures described in this brochure shall be followed to ensure that the Board has time to conduct its business in a professional and timely manner.
All Select Board meetings are open to the public for observation. The Board provides an opportunity for public input during Public Comment and at Public Hearings. All other proceedings are for the Board only and the public does not have a right to comment during these items. If a member of the public wishes to speak to an agenda item, the only time to do so is during Public Comment or, if there is a public hearing on the subject, while comments are being allowed.
At no time will the public be allowed to argue, debate or introduce a topic that is not on a Select Board Agenda. Should an organization or private individual wish to have a matter placed on the Select Board agenda, a written request detailing the specifics of the subject shall be submitted to the Board for consideration.
If you wish to speak, wait until the Chairman has opened the floor to public comments. When the Chairman has recognized you, stand, state your name for the record, the agenda item and nature of your business.
All comments and questions must be addressed to the Chairman. Questions may not be asked of individual Board Members. The Chairman may allow a question to be answered only if an answer is easily given. Should the matter need further legal research or discussion, the question will be noted and taken up at a future meeting.
If you are introducing written materials, charts or other documentation, at least six copies shall be given to the Chairman for distribution.
The Board will not entertain public comments about specific individuals. Such matters should be referred to the appropriate administrator or person.
The Chairman has the right to set a time limit for comments. Be prepared to state your business in a brief and concise manner. A person shall have one opportunity to speak on an issue.
During a public hearing, only the subject matter of the public hearing can be discussed. Any other matters must be addressed during open forum.
Comments should be courteous. Personal remarks or accusatory comments are always out of order. Any person who disrupts a Board meeting may be required to leave in order to permit the orderly consideration of the matter for which the meeting was called. Profanity, disorderly language or gestures at meetings are prohibited.
During the debate and discussion, the audience shall not disturb the proceedings by whispering, talking or other distractions. If this occurs, the Chairman may interrupt the speaker and ask that the body quiet down and show courtesy for the speaker.
Thank you for your anticipated cooperation from the Albion Select Board.
Michael Gardner
Scott Cyrway

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